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COVID-19 Symptoms
COVID-19 Symptoms

Stay Healthy Even In A Quarantined World

Each day that we wake up, the world has become like a stranger to us. The stress of sheltering in place and fear of the unknown has left many of us socially isolated and stressed. Even though our lives have turned upside down, there are things we can do to help make these days better and be healthy. Here’s some tip on how you can get through these unprecedented times no matter what age you are.

1. Establish A Routine And Stick With It

Establishing a routine is very helpful especially if you have kids or you are working from home. The kitchen can be a great place to get your day started with a routine. You can let your kids get involved in planning meals for the day. Kids can be creative and you might need to use every ingredient you have in your pantry. That’s why it is very important to have healthy goods stock up during quarantine. Make sure also to keep a running grocery list so you can get the things you need with one delivery or one trip.

Also, connecting with the outside world is a good routine to establish. Whether via phone call or video call, make sure to reach out to others each day. Not enough socialization might be harmful to your physical and mental health which can also have an impact on your immune system.

2. Move Your Body

No matter what your age, getting exercise during quarantine is very important. Exercise boosts mental, physical, and emotional health that can decrease stress levels. People with a health condition such as diabetes or heart disease need to keep moving. It is not necessarily that you need to be having strenuous exercise but having a quick walk can help. By staying active, you’ll be able to do many of the things that bring enjoyment to your life.

3. Ramp Up Fluid Intake

Drinking fluids help keep your body hydrated and it flushes out toxins. You can have clear soups and broths, green tea with ginger, or water. Immune supports drinks can be beneficial. If you experience a fever, water enhanced with electrolytes like low-sugar sports drinks are recommended.

4. Be Mindful About What You’re Putting In Your Mouth

Overeating can have a temporary calming effect. Without proper eating habits during times of stress, you’re more likely to put on unwanted weight. Nutritious foods can have an impact on your mood, sleep, energy level, and immune system. Being mindful of why you’re eating is a good way to combat the urge to eat out of boredom.

When you do go looking for a snack, make sure to have plenty of healthy options available. Some of these healthy options are a piece of dark chocolate, a quarter cup of nuts, fruits, and whole-grain crackers with cheese are good choices. If you are baking, make sure you’re not eating all those cookies at once. Freezing is also a wise choice to save some of your goodies. You’ll be able to enjoy them in the days or weeks ahead.