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COVID-19 Symptoms
COVID-19 Symptoms

Pandemic Effects

The Coronavirus has affected every little detail in our day to day life. It also slows down the global economy. This pandemic has a great impact on people who are either sick or being killed because of the spread of the infection. The most common symptoms of this disease are cough, fever, breathing problems, and cold. Coronavirus, being the new viral disease that affects humans do not yet have a vaccine. Thus, the emphasis is on taking broad safety measures such as:

  • Avoidance of face to face interaction
  • Regularly washing of hands
  • Wearing of face masks
  • Social distancing 

The virus is continuously spreading in every region and country. Lots of countries have banned gatherings and locking their population to a strict quarantine to help prevent the spread of the infection. 

The Coronavirus Disease has quickly affected our day to day life, business, and even disrupted the world trade industry and its movements. Identifying the infection at an early stage is vital because it spreads quickly from person-to-person. Various countries have slowed down their trade of products. These industries are greatly affected because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Some of these various industries are the solar power sector, pharmaceutical industry, and tourism. This virus made a significant knock-on effect on the daily of people and the global economy. At present, the impacts of Coronavirus Disease in daily life and have great consequences. These could be divided into different categories:

  1. Healthcare 
  • Patients with other diseases and health problems are getting neglected 
  • Challenges in the quarantine, diagnosis, and treatment of confirmed or suspected cases
  • Disruption of the medical supply chain
  • High load of the functioning of the existing medical system 
  • Overload on the doctor and other healthcare professionals who are at greater risks
  • The requirement for high protection 
  • Overloading of medical shops 

2. Social

  • Undue stress among the population 
  • Postponement or cancellation of large-scale tournaments and sports 
  • Disruption of the celebration of religious, festive, and cultural events
  • Social distancing with our peers and family members 
  • Service sectors not being able to provide their proper service
  • Closure of restaurants, religious places, and hotels
  • Avoiding the international and national traveling and cancellation of services 
  • Postponement of examinations 
  • Closure of places for a sports club, swimming pools, movie and play theaters, and gymnasium 

3. Economic 

  • Losses in international and national businesses
  • Disrupt the supply chain of products
  • Poor cash flow in the market
  • Slowing of the manufacturing of essential goods
  • Significant slowing down in the revenue growth 

This Coronavirus pandemic has affected the sources of supply and has great affected the global economy. There are already restrictions on traveling from one country to another. During travel especially international visits, numbers of cases are identified as positive when tested. From governments, health organizations, down to different authorities are continuously focusing on recognizing the cases affected by the Coronavirus disease. At the moment, lots of healthcare professionals are facing different difficulties in maintaining the quality of healthcare. As part of the community, we need to follow the recommendations and restrictions from our experts to help prevent and stop totally this pandemic we are facing.