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COVID-19 Symptoms
COVID-19 Symptoms


You cannot hide from all the germs or viruses. You can spend a lot of time and money on sanitizing. Your body can protect itself and that’s what the immune system does. Build your immunity instead of being obsessed with avoiding any germs or viruses. Luckily, some simple immune-boosting habits can easily mesh with your healthy lifestyle. Healthy living is a great help to build your immunity even without anything to support.

The immune system is an intricate network of tissues, cells, and organs which help your body defend against foreign invaders. A healthy immune system protects you by making an obstacle that stops the invaders from going into your body. It begins to create a white blood cell that attacks and destroys these foreign substances even if there is only one who had a chance to enter. It simply accelerates all the more to destroy the invaders as they grow. This happens if your immune system can’t get freed from the invaders before it starts to make a replica.


  • Sleep

If you are tired, so is your immune system. Sleep permits your body to refresh, repair, and rest. It is identified by researchers that an 8-hour of sleep marks as an important line of demarcation. Having less than 8 hours of sleep is likely to catch a common cold. Sleep is one of the simple immune-boosting habits that require you to have an 8-hour quality of sleep.

  • Moderate Exercise

Exercise is a great help for many things including stress management. Having a regular moderate exercise is beneficial for your immune system. Exercise helps with overall health. The movement in moderate exercise helps with the flow of the blood and helps immune cells travel through your body. Moderate exercise is like a 30-minute walk each day. Additionally, it is an immune-boosting habit that you can fit into your life without too much extra effort.

  • Good Hygiene and Cleanliness

Good hygiene is very important especially this time of the pandemic. Washing of hands is one of the health protocols given by our health experts to help stop the spread of the virus. This tip will not help in boosting your immune system but this will help you stay healthy. Consistently washing hands helps you limit your exposure to certain germs. Similarly, regular handwashing, cleaning your home or workplace helps you keep germs at bay. It is also important to clean the area where you prepare your food. Clean as well as your cooking equipment. 

  • Try To Relax

Coronavirus outbreak is very stressful that almost all people are facing. Each person is facing uncertainty every day because we don’t know yet when will the outbreak will be gone. Stress hormones negatively impacting many parts of your immune system. Try any of these approaches to help you relax even amid an outbreak;

1. Take a walk outside (if you’re only allowed to go out)

2. Get a massage

3. Meditate or do some deep breathing

4. Laugh (online funny videos or any videos that makes you laugh)

5. Develop or practice self-care routine