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COVID-19 Symptoms
COVID-19 Symptoms

Be Mindful and Take Care of Yourself During Outbreak

Having time to take care of yourself must be a habit especially this time of the pandemic. It is not a once in a blue moon activity that needs excessive planning. 

The following are some ways on how you can take care of yourself:

  • Focus on the 5 senses around you

Sense of touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight are the ones you need a focus around you. It will help you to be more focused on the present moment. You can do these by breathing in the fresh air, listening to music, snuggling under a cozy blanket, cuddling with your pet, having a hot shower, and admiring nature. 

  • Social networking in time of social distancing

Use the social media platform to connect with family and friends regularly. Be mindful to share some information and make sure that it is not fake news. 

  • Reconnect with hobbies

You can have your ‘me-time’ and get in touch with the long left hobby and interest. It can be sewing, painting, cooking, drawing, reading, and playing instruments, singing, dancing, or watching movies. You can also simply plan for the next trip giving self-hope that this pandemic shall pass. 

  • Make a routine or physical activity 

Be watchful about the way you are treating your body. You can do some meditation and some form of physical activity at home to relax. It can be dance, yoga, Zumba, taking deep breaths, or stretching. 

  • Sleep and eat patterns 

Overeating at times of crisis is not uncommon. However, be mindful of eating healthy food. In the same way as your sleeping routine, make sure that you are getting enough sleep to sustain energy. 

  • Thoughts, behavior, and feelings 

During this time, it’s common to think of some negative thoughts. It usually occurs when we hear something on the news or reading it online. Also, with so much worry and uncertainty floating around it can be easy to absorb the fear of other people. Too much worry does not lessen the chance of getting the infection but following the safety measure does. Remind yourself that the reality is that everyone can be infected and the treatment coming out of it is also possible. 

  • Worry time 

Excessive worry can be unhealthy. It takes a toll on mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. You can have one hour a day to have your worry time. Set an alarm so that it will not be exceeded. Remind yourself that it’s just a worry. 

  • Professional help 

If you can’t take anymore the feeling of being alone because of quarantine, being far from your loved ones, or feeling that you aren’t connected with your friends anymore, you can seek support. It should not be a shame on seeking help. It’s normal to feel anxious and stressed about the situation at this time. Everyone is facing the same situation you are in now. Hence, taking care of yourself by seeking professional help is vital. 

Always remember to be compassionate with yourself and to be calm at this time of the pandemic. Looking after yourself is filling the strength tank of yours, making yourself stronger to offer comfort to others when they need it the most.